Capital Free Solar

Our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows you to receive the benefits of a solar PV solution on an ‘all-inclusive’ basis, covering purchase, installation and ongoing operational monitoring and maintenance.

We enter into an agreement to lease the air space above your roof and you receive significantly reduced energy costs, along with the ability to deploy your capital for other business needs.

This funded approach also negates the significant tax increases in business rates now being levied against companies who own their solar installation; with a Solar PV PPA these rates do not apply as the system is not owned by the business, but by us.

As owners of the solar system, we will ensure it is maintained to optimal levels. After all our interests are aligned to deliver as much green power as a system can deliver.

Projects We’ve Worked On

Lawrence David

Olympus Business Park

ExaClair Ltd

Tudor Roof Tile Co.


Tonnes of CO2 Saved



Fully-Funded Renewable Energy Projects across the UK

Rooftop Solar Services


Olympus Power will produce a detailed site survey and offer advice on the most appropriate power for your site.

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We have worked with a wide range of national and international clients, providing a diverse range of solutions.

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