Our Mission

Olympus Power is a renewable energy developer specialising in projects across the UK. We develop and invest in energy generation projects that reduce emissions and also reduce annual expenses for our clients.

We specialise in solar projects and have advised on systems ranging from 50 kW up to 10MW in the UK and on larger power-producing assets abroad. Our clients are domestic, commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and governmental.

In June 2019 UK Parliament legislated for a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050. Overall emissions have fallen by 40% since 1990 with almost half of our economies electricity coming from renewable or low carbon sources last year, however, significant challenges remain if we are to continue on the path to meet the 2050 goals.

Olympus Power is on track to reducing 1 million tons of C02 by 2025 through funding & facilitating renewable energy solutions for business owners throughout the UK, allowing them to reduce their own carbon footprint whilst saving money.

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