Beco Solar Shunt Regulator 24V

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The BR1 is a shunt regulator designed to limit the maximum voltage driven to a battery can be driven when charged by solar panel/s.

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The BR1 is a simple, low cost, solid state device for use with photovoltaic modules having a peak current not exceeding 6A. The unit has very low power consumption and features a single green, status indicating LED, which is illuminated when the battery voltage has reached the set-point and the module output is being shunted.


  • Low power consumption <1mA
  • Fully encapsulated
  • Stainless steel heatsink / mounting plate
  • Rated to 6A
  • 24V Nominal Voltage
  • Temperature-compensated
  • Status indication (shunt)
  • Solid-state
  • Small & simple to fit
  • Low cost
  • Safely paralleled
  • Blocking diode included


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