Lawrence David – Rooftop Solar

Lawrence David Solar

530 kWp solar PV 

  • 1886 modules
  • Fronius Inverters


The Benefits

  • Subsidy free electrify supplied to the client under a 20-year power purchase agreement.
  • Zero cost to building owner.
  • Substantial CO2 emissions reductions with over 240 tonnes of CO2 reduced per annum.

“We have been working with Olympus Power since 2014 when they installed our first 50kw solar installation and their outstanding service over the last 5 years led us without question to have them deliver an additional 530kw in August 2019 at our HQ building.  Simon and his team were able to deliver both projects with staggering simplicity and at zero cost to our business, thus providing us with subsidy free electricity under a 20 year power purchase agreement.  Aside from the welcome savings in energy costs that we benefit from, we can also boast a reduction of over 350 tonnes of C02 emissions every year.”

Paul Yallop

Finance Director, Lawrence David