Leatside Surgery – Rooftop Solar

PV System Description A turn-key solar PV system based on 114 poly-crystalline Q-Cell panels, two Danfoss inverters, MHH Novotegra mounting system
Nominal DC System Power 27.4 kWp
Expected generation 24,000 kWh (AC output from the inverter)
Directly consumed 12,000 kWh (50%)


The benefits

Over the 20 years of government supported Feed-in Tariffs Leatside Surgery can expect:

  • Reduces COemissions by about 16 tonnes per year
  • 6 year pay-back time
  • 24,000 kWh of clean solar electricity
  • In addition to the 20 years government support most solar systems are warranted to generate power for at least 25 years and can last up to 40. This will give further savings on electricity charges and continue to reduce carbon footprint on top of the benefits quantified