Moorhaven Hydro

System Description Tepersac T250 Pelton Turbine. Brook Crompton 4 pole 50 Hz generator. Sustainable Control Systems HGP3 – 16 Grid Connection
Flow High head low volume. Rated flow rate of 40l/s. Net Head 46.2m. 1/4 mile of 9″ pipe feeding the turbine
Maximum Power Output 11 kW
Generation 65,000 kWh per annum
Directly consumed 6,500 kWh (10%) expected to increase to 19,500 kWh when additional housing is constructed nearby
  • Part grant-funded – total project cost was £90,000. Grant funding for £20,000 was secured
  • Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) pay £0.09 per kWh
  • 15% return on investment
  • The installation of hydro systems requires considerable planning to ensure no wildlife is put at risk. An environmental survey is essential prior to designing any hydro system and measures must be put in place to ensure the continued safety of fish. At Moorhaven, fish safety is solved through the use of a gate, which is placed above the power plant feeder pipe in order to provide enough water for fish to pass through safely