Domestic solar array for a listed building

First steps to going completely off-grid

Saves 3.7 tonnes of CO2 per year

10KW power from 30 wall-mounted panel

Simon Upton came to us with the dream of taking his property completely off grid, replacing his mains connection with a zero-carbon, on-site power source. It’s an ambitious goal, and one that requires a staged approach. To complicate matters, the house is listed, which means we couldn’t use roof-mounted solar panels.  

So we decided to mount the 30 panels on a wall that was facing south west, which kept the installation as far from the building as possible to avoid any problems with planning requirements. 

The system we designed is also the largest we could connect to the mains, as there are limits on how much surplus power can be exported into the grid. We worked closely with Western Power, the local electricity distributor, to get the design right and meet their requirements. 

A battery system stores power from the panels and feeds it to the house, as well as providing back-up should there be a power cut. 

Solar alone won’t be enough to replace a mains connection, so to complete the move to off-grid Simon is looking at wind power. And for the next stage in the process, we’ll switch over some of the outbuildings at the property to 100% solar power, making them completely independent of the grid. 


Lawrence David Solar