Sharpham Estate – Rooftop Solar

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Sharpham Estate 50kw PV Hanwha panels Danfoss 15kW inverters.

Sharpham estate were looking to increase their farm infrastructure. Installing a 50kW solar array allowed them to use the future income stream of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and the export tariff to build a large south-facing cattle barn. This is the second 50 kW system they have on the estate.

PV System Description A turn-key solar PV system based on 204 poly-crystalline Q-Cells Q.PRO G2 245W modules, three Danfoss TLX 15k inverters and an MHH novotegra mounting system
Nominal DC System Power 49.98 kWp
Expected generation 46,470 kWh (AC output from the inverter)
Directly consumed 1,395 kWh (3%)

The benefits

Over the 20 years of government-supported Feed-in Tariff the Sharpham Estate can expect:

  • a 6-year pay-back time representing a 17.3% un-leveraged internal rate of return (IRR) on the investment
  • £155,000 of cash surplus from generation, savings and exports after deduction of the original investment and operation and maintenance costs
  • 907,700 kWh of clean solar electricity, significantly reducing your carbon footprint
  • In addition to the 20 years government support, most solar systems are warranted to generate power for at least 25 years and can last up to 40. This will give further savings on electricity charges and continue to reduce carbon footprint on top of the benefits quantified.