Lower your electricity bills for the next 20 years

Enjoy cut-price power for your business with a free solar panel installation

Olympus Power has just secured £75m to fund new commercial solar installations with our SolarSave™ PPA. There’s money waiting to be spent on helping your business cut costs and reduce carbon, without the need to invest your own money.

Cheaper electricity

Solar will save you 20-30% on your bills. Power from solar costs from 8-12p per unit. Commercial electricity tariffs cost between 13 and 18p.

Cut your carbon

Switch from mains power to solar and you’ll be cutting carbon and improving the EPC rating of your building.

Free installation &

lifetime maintenance

We install and maintain it for free: all you need is a suitable roof. We’ll do a survey to find out, and let you know how much you’ll save.

How does a SolarSave™ PPA work?

We design and install a solar system on your roof, which generates power for your business. We enter into an agreement (known as a power purchase agreement or PPA) to rent the space above your roof and provide you with cheaper electricity.

How can we do this for free?

We sell you the electricity generated by the solar panels. You get cheaper electricity and we get an income. 

Why Olympus Power?

Here is our MD to explain why an Olympus Power SolarSave™ PPA is the right choice for your business.

“Staggering simplicity and zero cost”

Lawrence David Ltd has two Olympus Power solar installations on the roof of its factory in Cambridgeshire. 

“Olympus fitted our first solar install in 2014, and it was such a good experience we got them back in 2019 to extend the system. Simon and his team were able to deliver both projects with staggering simplicity and at zero cost to our business, providing us with subsidy-free electricity under a 20-year power purchase agreement. Aside from the welcome savings in energy costs, we’ve reduced our CO2 emissions by over 350 tonnes a year.”

Paul Yallop – Finance Director, Lawrence David Ltd

Find out more

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